Evo - UK

Perfect 10 - December 2006 - n.100

"The Zonda is a labour of love. Pagani spent 25.000 hours in the conceptual phase, exploring the style, the carbonfibre chassis, the suspension - all are his clean-sheet creations. ... The same originality and attention to detail suffuses the interior... just the sight of the 7.3 litre V12, built by Mercedes AMG go-faster department, sitting in the cradle of the steel spaceframe is enough to make grown men weep... Climbing into the Zonda youre struck by how light and airy the cockpit is. You sit very low and quite upright, but theres masses of headroom nad space for arms and legs. Its a special place - eveything looks and feels handcrafted, bespoke. ...Its this perciison and lightness of touch that pervades the entire Zonda experience. It rides with incredible suppleness, far better than many luxury coupés in fact, and yet feels hyper-alert to steering inputs. Relaxed but without a hint of slack... As the road opens out and floats and weaves across the moors, theZondas composure is remarkable. This is scarred tarmac, jagged and unpredictable and very very fatst. The C12S just eats it up... most of the time the massive Zonda feels wieldy, faithful and exploitable in a way that an F40 owner could only dream about..." Text: Jethro Bovingdon; Photo: Gus Gregory, Andy Mrgan, Kenny P.