Evo - UK

Fast fleet - February 2007

Old habits die hard, and after a quiet 200-mile cruise up to Yorkshire for our 100th issue cover story, I couldnt resist working out the fuel consumption after Id topped up the Zondas tank. () I managed to devise a route home with no traffic lights and only a minimal chance of having to stop on the way; the only trouble was that I would need to stop for fuel at some point. Rats Luck was clearly on my side, though, because as I pulled up to refuel, some Evo readers came over to take a closer look at the Zonda. It didnt take much asking before I was being pushed off the forecourt, allowing me to spin the starter in gear and make a successful getaway. Ah, the glamorous life of a supercar owner! () Texts: Harry Metcalfe; Photos: Kenny P.