• Da Vinci car codeDa Vinci car code

      "...My vision for pagani cars? No compromise between beauty and power, art and science…" "…if you are fortunate to see one on the road, it will leave you in…
    • Le perfectionnisteLe perfectionniste

      "...Méme à l’arret, on la voit brûler l’asphalte et on entend son moteur rigir..."

    • California Dreamin'California Dreamin'

      "…Horacio Pagani presents in monterey his huayra. Strong emotions, people in delirium; 'because this, guys, is the perfection'…" "…it’s a jewel for the…
    • Huayra , Zonda RHuayra , Zonda R

      "...the Pagani Zonda has stoked many a supercar fantasy and plasters the walls of garages and bedrooms everywhere..." " is such an outrageous design sense…
    • Bienvenido dios del vientoBienvenido dios del viento

      "...así tal como la divinidad en la que se inspira, Pagani Huayra es delicado y etereo, pero resistente y todopoderoso..." "...una vez cerradas sus puertas, el…
    • The god of wind is angryThe god of wind is angry

      "...the passenger compartment of a wild overflowing horse powers must be simple and essencial? not at all!"

    • Corre como el vientoCorre como el viento

      " nueva joya del diseñador santafesino; 700cv un trabajo aerodinámico de tecnologia aerospacial y una leyenda como inspiración..."

    • A new generation of supercarsA new generation of supercars

      "…the heart of this particular Pagani model is another engineering masterpiece: a 6 liter Mercedes Benz AMG v-12 engine…"

    • 120 et quelques Zonda plus tard120 et quelques Zonda plus tard

      "…derriére la belle aventure humain se cache un entepreneur, un vrai gestionnaire..."


    • Pagani HuayraPagani Huayra

      "...cuando se sierran las puertas del Huayra nos transportamos a una nueva dimensión de sofisticación y calidez ornamental..." " el primer Pagani que…
    • Lo stile ha tre coloriLo stile ha tre colori

      "…this is the true magic of a Zonda, despite its incredible power remains a mangeable car…"

    • Pagani Automobili at Jay leno’s GaragePagani Automobili at Jay leno’s Garage

      Pagani Huayra Jay Leno opened the doors of his garage to welcome the Pagani Huayra and the Pagani Zonda R. The famous American stand-up comedian and TV-host…
    • Running with the windRunning with the wind

      Like it’s namesake, the Huayra should be the new “king of the hill” among exotic sports cars.

      Text: Patrick C. Paternie

    • Pagani Huayra: power –and a name- to leave you speechlessPagani Huayra: power –and a name- to leave you speechless

      The 0-62 mph time is in the low threes, the top speed comfortably north of 225 mph, and we can’t wait to drive it.

    • Figlia del VentoFiglia del Vento

      It reveals who designed it but basically you can easy understand: the shape of the new Pagani Huayra are drawn by the air. The car is governed by an electronic…
    • Al VientoAl Viento

      Elegant and solid, Huayra combines past, present and future in an eternal interpretation of the automative art.

    • Top Gear: new Zonda R Record

      " I've neer, ever driven anything quite like this... never." This was Jeremy Clarkson while driving the Zonda 'R', couple of seconds after he starts his lap…
    • La piste aux recordsLa piste aux records

      "La reine de la boucle. Depuis juin 2010, la Pagani Zonda R détient le record du tour de la boucle nord du Nurburgring, en 6 min 47 s et 50 centièmes. C'est 10…
    • Jeremy's Car of the Year: Zonda R  Jeremy's Car of the Year: Zonda R

      "This is the most special Zonda ever made". Texts: Jeremy Clarkson; photo: Justine Leighton. On 27th February Horacio Pagani collected on behalf of Pagani…
    • Horacio’s HornblowerHoracio’s Hornblower

      “But then it is just such outrageous design that has helped lift Pagani from relative obscurity to become a brand that every enthusiast recognises, in little…
    • Art and ScienceArt and Science

      “… every single component would look good enough to be mounted in a case in a museum”. “… But it was clear that Huayra is tidy and beautiful to its core, like…
    • Pagani Huayra: naissance d'une superstarPagani Huayra: naissance d'une superstar

      This is the 6.0 litre V12 made for Mayback with a particular “AMG treatment”. A Zonda’s clone? Not at all. Zonda is an icon, Huayra rappresent a completly brand…
    • Pagani C9 HuayraPagani C9 Huayra

      Car Guide review (China) dedicated a long article to the Huayra.

    • Bolidy z plakatuBolidy z plakatu

      Auto Motor Sport (Poland) dedicated a long article to the Huayra.

    • Dios del VientoDios del Viento

      “La nueva criatura de Horacio Pagani, disenador argentino radicado en Italia. El nombre refiere a la mitologia Aymara, vuela a màs de 370 km/h y cuesta 1 millon…
    • Supremacia AndinaSupremacia Andina

      “Su nombre significa ‘viento’ en la lengua quechua hablada en la region de los Andes. Un homenaje de su creador a su tierra nata”. His name means 'wind' in the…