• 2011-02-Evo-uk.jpgBeyond Zonda

    Evo review dedicated a long article to the new Huayra.
  • 2011-02-sport-auto-Fr-1.jpgPagani Huayra: naissance d'une superstar

    “La remplaçante de la Zonda? “Pas da tout. La Zonda est une auto mythique, reprend Horacio, La Huayra n’est pas sa descendente. Elle inaugure une toute nouvelle approche, à la fois sur le plain du style ed du comportement”
  • 2011-02-genroq_japan.jpgDebut! Pagani Huayra

    Genroq review dedicated a long article to the new Huayra.
  • 2011-02-TopGear-Uk---Cover.jpgArt and Science

    “… every single component would look good enough to be mounted in a case in a museum”.
  • Top Gear: new Zonda R RecordTop Gear: new Zonda R Record

    The Pagani Zonda R made an astonishing performance - 1’08.5 – the fastest lap ever made on Stig’s test Track.
  • Automundo-web.jpgAl Viento

    Elegant and solid, Huayra combines past, present and future in an eternal interpretation of the automative art.
  • 2011-03-duPontweb.jpgRunning with the wind

    Like it’s namesake, the Huayra should be the new “king of the hill” among exotic sports cars
  • 2011-03-rossoweb.jpgHuayra

    Rosso dedicated a long article to the Pagani Huayra.