A new year, an exciting new adventure.


Twelve months to be lived passionately and intensely.

Each day, different to the last: a succession of minutes, hours and weeks played out to distinct rhythms.

Like a circuit lap on board the Huayra R, where the easy-going pace of the straight stretches and alternates

with the adrenaline-packed flow through bends and chicanes, in a subtle balance of power and control.

A new year to be lived under the banner of art and a performance car without constraints.

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Calendario Pagani

The 2022 calendar is “an experience of shared beauty”, in the much-loved words of Horacio Pagani.
A collector’s item, for people who enjoy living in a harmonious and exclusive environment, who appreciate the visual beauty expressed by a line, whether it is the line of a car body or the decisive stroke of an illustration. Because art and beauty are territories with no place for boundaries and barriers, they are pure passion that is unbridled, impetuous and all-embracing, like the soul of the Huayra R.

Huayra R, a tribute to passion

Indeed, the idea of freedom gave Horacio Pagani his inspiration for the design of the bold lines of the Huayra R, the quintessential celebration of power, technology and art applied to a racing car. The Huayra R is a demonstration of passion, an extreme, wild automobile, developed without bowing to any rules except for safety, where the sole purpose is to deliver uncompromising performance. But, above all else, its goal is to provide an unparalleled, thrilling experience. Like the pages of the Pagani Calendar, a tribute to art capable of interpreting the essence of a unique car and to the artist whose unmistakable style has captured the free spirit of the Huayra R.

The Huayra R seen through the eyes of Ricardo Santos

The Huayra R’s spirit is interpreted by Portuguese artist and graphic designer Ricardo Santos, a renowned motoring enthusiast whose countless covers and illustrations have made him a well-known name in international magazine publishing. Winner of the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper Award in 2010, whose most important projects include his collaboration with Top Gear magazine.

Like Horacio Pagani, his passion goes back to early childhood, but the rallies and Formula 1 races with their brightly coloured vehicles covered with logos are a key influence on his art. When he began working with automotive magazines, he realised that he had found the ideal sphere in which to express his creativity to the full.

“In my work, the history of the unique race that is the 24 Hours of Le Mans is my inspiration behind depicting speed, fluid design and cutting-edge technology that takes the hypercar concept up to the highest levels. When you drive a Huayra R on the racetrack and feel the power of the V12 engine screaming behind you, I hope you will experience the emotion that I feel now in achieving one of my great ambitions: to be a member of the Pagani family.”

Santos has chosen six themes to illustrate the soul of the Huayra R, six viewpoints for depicting what he describes as “a fierce vehicle”. Six themes accompanying the days of the new year, with commentary consisting of a conversation between Horacio Pagani and Ricardo Santos.


Horacio Pagani: "Racing cars today are creatures of the wind tunnel, designed to be aerodynamic, whereas in the Sixties and Seventies, they were very fast
– also very dangerous – and stunningly beautiful. Prototype sports cars like the Ferrari P4, the Porsche 917, the Ford GT40 had a magnetic design, an enormous source
of inspiration for our cars."

Ricardo Santos: "This illustration is an exercise showing the three Huayra R liveries in their natural context of racing, speed and colour."


Horacio Pagani: "The idea for the Huayra R came from the cars of the past and a new need for freedom: a breath of fresh air. We wanted to combine the technical features with the elegance of the lines, and a strange thing happened while we were working on the design: as the car became more attractive, it became more aerodynamically effective."

Ricardo Santos: "I love the line of the Huayra R from this angle.
It looks fast and aggressive. You can see how its lines combine and join up. And you can also see the four iconic exhaust pipes and the rear extractor.
I’ve tried to strengthen the forms with imaginary aerial lines that seem to be passing through the car."


Horacio Pagani: "In 2008 we were working on the Huayra, a very challenging and demanding project in engineering and style terms. After so many years, I had a great need for freedom, and this led to the Zonda R, a racing car free from constraints and regulations. Good looking, ultimate performance and safe. Like the Zonda R, the Huayra R is the freest car of them all, the most exaggerated and the highest performing."

Ricardo Santos: "The Huayra R and the Zonda R. I didn't want to set up a competition between the two cars, defining which is the more powerful or the faster. I simply wanted to present a visual comparison between two approaches to speed on the racetrack."


Horacio Pagani: "The Huayra R has been created to provide a definitive experience for people who want the maximum performance on the race track up to the red line of 9000 rpm. An objective that for our engineers means not only working to increase power as a key research factor, but also giving priority to the lightweight aspect."

Ricardo Santos: "What's it like driving a Huayra R? Drawing inspiration from the Le Mans movie and Michel Vaillant's comic strips, I wanted to convey the idea of driving on the track's straight stretches by showing two views, as if we were following another car. On one side, you can see the Huayra R dashboard showing the engine revs per minute. In the other illustration, a car is following the Huayra R and you can see it reflected in the iconic eye-shaped mirror. Then I've added a small symbolic feature from the Le Mans racetrack, the Dunlop bridge."


Horacio Pagani: "The new engine had to have the allure, the romanticism, and also the sound and simplicity of the F1 engines of the Nineties,
while incorporating state-of-the-art technology."

Ricardo Santos: "The idea was a graphical representation of the V12 engine, the powerful heart of the Huayra R, adding the splendid design of the exhaust system.
At the top, I've added a small shot of the rear of the Huayra to reinforce the idea of the engine’s power and sound."


Horacio Pagani: "One of the things that fascinates me most is seeing what happens when customers choose the colour and custom details of their Huayra R. Despite the broad range of paint finishes and leathers, very often a customer will choose something that's not already there and this is a fascinating side of our work because it means every car is made-to-measure."

Ricardo Santos: "The colour palette and combinations that can be chosen is so wide that every Huayra R is truly unique and matched to the specific needs of every lucky customer. It would be impossible to show them all and this illustration is simply intended to suggest the range of possible colour combinations. It's not an easy decision and even I wouldn’t know which is the best colour for the Huayra R if I had to choose one."