Pagani Rinascimento

An exclusive restoration and conservation programme for preserving the condition of Pagani Hypercars

and restoring them to their original splendour, as if they had just come off the production line.

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“We want to offer our customers the opportunity to keep on enjoying their cars just as they did when they were brand new.

Restoring their cars to mint condition as if they had just come out of our Atelier is a great pleasure and a great responsibility for us”



Living your profession as a form of expression is fortunate that few in the world have the pleasure of knowing and the only way to create objects capable of transmitting emotions.


At Pagani Automobili, we are inspired by this romantic vision of work and passion to the point that we handmade Hypercars that are like clothes tailored to the customer’s desire. However, our work is not limited to simply constructing the car but also its care over time. 


With this objective, we dedicated a special division, the Pagani Officina, to provide a series of programs at the service of the customer’s car from every point of view. Whether the goal is to bring the vehicle back to the conditions of the day it left our Atelier; to update it to the state-of-the-art technical specifications available at Pagani; to assure and augment its value, the Pagani Officina offers knowledge and tools to answer the client’s needs and offer highly customized projects. 


Pagani Automobili is like an artisan workshop. There is no automation but people you can call by name, knowledge, and passion for working in the highest expression of our work, car after car.


Pagani Rinascimento is a restoration programme intended to keep Pagani automobiles in perfect condition and restore them to their original splendour.


This is made possible by the scrupulous hand craftsmanship of the artisans in the Pagani Atelier specialising in restoring the vehicle’s most profound identity. Restoring the vehicle to its original condition, paying meticulous attention to every single detail and going back to the original designs and materials. A complete job, involving mechanical parts, systems, interiors, and all worn parts, restoring the vehicle’s appearance and functioning to mint condition. 


Not a single nut or bolt is overlooked in this restoration work: every component, however small, is treated to restore that perfect combination of art and technology, and to reawaken all the excitement and the unique experience of beauty, like a custom-tailored outfit.


Pagani Automobili’s new plant includes a space set aside exclusively for the Rinascimento Programme: a workshop like those of the great Renaissance masters, employing only skilled craftsmen. A unique venture in reconstruction, in which every single step is documented in detail and shared with the customer.


One of the most important tasks involved in preserving the vehicles’ authenticity is restoration of original items and parts made of carbon, using the same moulds, which have been preserved for the purpose, with the same materials and the same methods, faithfully reproducing the processes described in the original manufacturing records, which the Atelier still keeps on file for every single car ever made.


The Pagani team of specialised mechanics works on one project at a time, documenting every single process and signing upon completion of every single task; all the information about the work performed on the car, including pictures, drawings and technical information sheets, is collected together in a Pagani Rinascimento Book to record every single step in the restoration process. This permits certification of the vehicle, which, through this process, can boast the title of automobile officially restored by Pagani Automobili.


The Pagani Zonda was the first Pagani automobile. 158 of these vehicles have been constructed since 1999, every one of which has its own specific identity, made to measure like a custom-tailored suit. The Pagani Rinascimento programme aims to preserve and restore all the cars that have been used in parts of the world where particular climate and atmospheric conditions have produced deterioration of certain components, and all vehicles that have had a lot of mileage put on them. Many Pagani customers have in fact been unable to resist the temptation to drive their Zonda every day, clocking up 100,000 km or more. 

Pagani Rinascimento is a fascinating voyage back in time, through the processes that have made the Zonda an icon of automotive engineering and design.