Pagani, the legendary Italian ultra-luxury sports car maker, celebrated the grand opening of its first showroom in Asia in an unveiling ceremony held in Xintiandi, Shanghai on October 17, 2015. During the ceremony, Pagani presented the new Huayra Dinastia limited edition custom-made for the Chinese market to the public. Its founder, Mr. Horacio Pagani, graced the occasion and witnessed this exciting moment for Pagani with guests and the media in attendance.
Just as every individual is unique, so is a supercar. Born in Modena, a small Italian town known as home to supercars, Pagani believes in finding a perfect match between technology and the art of car design and has created many truly unique models which have achieved legendary status. The company has earned a reputation for ingenious handcraft and ultra-luxury customization. Each Pagani model is equally as high performance as it is rare, and becomes a highly sought after piece of art by top sports car collectors from around the world.
Pagani’s venture in China demonstrates the company’s confidence in China’s domestic market and proves its strategic importance in the global automobile market. Located on Hu Bin Road, Xintiandi neighborhood, the modern landmark of Shanghai, the first Pagani Asia showroom is an Italian-style building featuring unique, chic décor, and is an expression of Pagani’s preferred aesthetic and innovative spirit. The high-tech carbon fiber elements as well as the proprietary hardware dotting the showroom all showcase the brand’s inherited tradition of marrying technology with art and full customization.
In the showroom, besides Pagani’s exclusive service, customers will be able to experience the brand first hand and feel the charm of its auto culture and warmth that comes from a family brand. The showroom will add a real-time 3D car configuration system in the near future to allow a customer to see the specifications of his dream car and preview it in its entirety.
The China-only Huayra Dinastia limited edition is a perfect combination of classic oriental elements and top-notch designs. There are only 3 units in the world, making them the rarest of collections. The pronunciation of the number “3” (san, ?)in Chinese is a near homophone with the character Sheng (?), which means “life, new birth.”

Drawing inspiration from the Nine Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City in Beijing, the three Huayra Dinastia models all sport different color designs that capture people’s imagination of flying dragons and demonstrate Pagani’s luxury craftsmanship. The Blue carbon unit unveiled today symbolizes Baxia, the floating dragon in the water, whose elliptical shape captures the beauty of flowing water. The highlight of its design is the flying white dragon pattern made so vivid and distinctive on the blue engine hood. The eye-catching golden wheel hubs as well as the calligraphic Chinese characters Baxia embroidered on the seat covers, on the other hand, enhance its status as a premium luxury brand.
Mr. Horacio Pagani has high hopes for Pagani’s development in China. “As Chinese customers become more informed about auto brands, I’d like Chinese supercar enthusiasts to have the opportunity to experience our brand close up, understand our culture and the inherited brand story,” says Mr. Pagani. “Through our effort in the Chinese market, we hope to make it easier for top supercar collectors in China to realize their dreams.”
As the ultra-luxury supercar market in China continues to develop and as Chinese people become more sophisticated in their choice of automobiles, Pagani will further nurture its business in China and Asia by constantly improving its sales and service networks in China, in order to provide a unique brand experience and excellent customer service to its valued customers.