The legendary handmade supercar manufacturer from Italy, Pagani, has earned its tremendous reputation for years not only from building luxury supercars by high technological synthetic carbon-fiber material and handmade rigorous components, but also dedicating to create the best performance of its products. Pagani Taiwan declares to establish the largest official centre of Asia in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung. This professional team will come with their outstanding quality service and techniques to Taiwan. Additionally, the brand founder – Mr. Horacio Pagani also attended the grand opening ceremony of Pagani Taiwan centre to introduce the debut of the exclusive edition Huayra Dinastia by himself, showing that the brand takes Taiwan market seriously.

2 of the only 3 Huayra Dinastia shown in Taiwan at the same time
The grand opening press conference of Pagani Taiwan centre was kicked off by Pagani Huayra, which is well known by its delicate shape and superior performance. The special edition for Greater China – Huayra Dinastia is on the board for the very first time in Taiwan. Comparing to the original type, Dinastia has not only added 20 horse power to 750 horse power through ECU program optimization, but also integrated oriental classic style with the most advanced racing technology perfectly. There are only 3 Huayra Dinastia in the world. Each of them represents its own, and the unique painting style.
This special edition is specially produced for the Greater China market. The idea was inspired by the nine dragons wall in imperial palace museum in Beijing. 2 Huayra Dinastia make their first show in Taiwan to celebrate the grand opening of Pagani Taiwan centre. The first Dinastia “Ba Xia” shows the elegancy by its streamlined shape, gold painted wheel rims and flying-dragon tattoo. The colorful dragon painting looks more vivid after setting off by the blue carbon-fiber panel. The purple one named “Ya Zi”, which is the newly built Dinastia, represents the second son of the dragon. “Ya Zi” equips a set of parts designed for Huayra – “Tempesta”, to upgrade the aerodynamic performance.

Pagani Taiwan centre will re-write the definition of “supreme customer service”

Pagani Taiwan centre is now only available by appointment. In order to maintain the high quality, the aftersales team could provide the professional service for reserved customers. The Taiwan centre is designed as a multiple functional space to satisfy the demands from customers. The atmosphere in the centre will make customers as cozy and comfortable as at home. Besides, the centre also offers customization service. Customers could make their own selection from various items, such as carbon-fiber panel and interior decoration. The latest “Tempesta” enhancement set is also available for customers to purchase. In order to provide a more perceptual intuition for the customers, a 3D car configuration system was newly installed, which could satisfy customers’ imagination by the advanced computer technology. This visual system is able to provide pre-inspection of their ‘’dream car”, and preview the whole exterior and interior parts.
The Taiwan aftersales team was all well trained by Headquarter in Italy restrictedly. The team will bring the exquisite techniques and equipments to Taiwan perfectly. The reason of establishing the largest Pagani centre of Asia in Kaohsiung is because 80 per cent of the current Taiwan Pagani car owners are located in southern Taiwan. Those customers who live outside of Kaohsiung could also have Pagani’s premium service through the “Flying Doctor” service. As “Flying Doctor”, our experienced technicians are able to go to the place where the customer requires without the limitation of time and space. Pagani team focuses on every possible detailed part to ensure customers’ satisfaction.