Pagani is proud to present a personal interpretation of sound, experienced not merely through hearing, but also through eyesight and touch, looking for emotions that only art is able to give.
A musical sculpture.

General characteristics

The Pagani Sound System is entirely made by hand in Italy, born from the idea to offer a system of highest fidelity and unique design by using exclusively the most refined components state of the art technology has to offer.
Its installation in environments up to 50 square metres allows to create a setting of excellent fidelity, an assault on the senses for that emotional involvement while savouring records in a new way.
The system includes an analogue LP turntable, a CD Player, a preamplifier, a power amplifier and a set of two loudspeakers.
It can be turned into a home cinema system with additional power amplifiers, loudspeakers and a DVD player.

All analogue and digital connections are Litz hand-twisted copper cables.
Handmade transformers are glued in epoxy resin inside iron boxes, to shield electromagnetic fields, and decoupled from the chassis with silent blocks to eliminate vibrations.

Analogue LP turntable

Indispensable heart of a High-End sound system, the analogue LP turntable provides the purest source up to this day.
The turntable equipped by the Pagani Sound System has been developed with a special attention towards cancelling vibrations to achieve a perfect balance in the pick up.
The table, machined from a solid aluminium block, receives a surface treatment to guarantee a perfect adhesion of the disc, also thanks to the clamp designed specifically to avoid resonance according to Nyquist’s law.

A magnetic suspension is used on the hinge and provides perfect decoupling from the chassis. The hinge is made in hardened steel to counter the effect of friction with the bush. The assembly is lubricated with a Teflon and Lithium liquid, capable of reducing dynamic friction to almost zero while allowing to discharge electrostatic charges to the ground.
The motor drive is provided by a group of motors isolated from the chassis of the table. To improve torque the four synchronised motors ensure a perfectly controlled and constant rotation speed.

By adjusting the radius of the pulley the speed can be switched between 33 and 45 RPM.
The Ortofon cartridge and famous SME IV magnesium tone arm, both acknowledged amongst the best world-wide, complete this turntable to a unique unit for quality and musicality.


CD Player

The CD player features a series of unmatched technical solutions, such as the excellent mechanics Philips CDM PRO 2B, guaranteed for a perfect function for at least 30.0000 playing hours.
Hinges and clamp are bespoke and made in vibration damping materials to avoid resonance. The digital-to-analogue converter is one of the gems of the entire system and includes 4 Burr Brown DSP at 24bit, 96Khz in parallel for each channel.
Mechanics and DAC have individual power supplies and the circuit boards are assembled by hand.


The single ended pre-amplifier is entirely made by hand using only discrete components. It is marked by an exceptional bandwidth from 3Hz a 3MHz, obtaining excellent dynamics and musicality.
Each channel is powered by individual shielded and hand built transformers.
The case is built in flawless carbon fibre, hand laminated by Pagani.

Power amplifier

A second case houses the power amplifier of the sound system, with a continuous power output of 150W at 8Ohm capable 2000W top peaks.
The Pagani Sound System relies on a pair of floor standing loudspeakers, studied to guarantee the best performance and richness at low frequencies.
Each loudspeaker incorporates woofers and mid-range drivers featuring carbon fibre cones; tweeters and supertweeters. In essence three and a half way loudspeakers with aluminium front panels, enclosed in a carbon fibre cabinet, reinforced and laminated with absorptive insulators.
The front panels are visually dominated by the bass reflex system with four reflex tubes of distinctive lengths, inspired by the design of the exhaust outlets of the Pagani vehicles. The connections panel is bi-wiring ready.
The inputs panel allows both single wiring or bi-wiring.
The frequency response of these loudspeakers ranges from 30Hz to 90KHz, with a sensitivity of 91 db, nominal power of 200W and peak power of 350W.
The connecting cables between the power amplifier and loudspeakers are made in copper Litz wires, hand twisted to a specific structure, to guarantee the best response over the frequency bandwidth.

This outstanding sound system embodies the cornerstones of the Pagani philosophy: combining technology and art in a complicated research of a unique balance, a testimonial of a new Italian renaissance.