The book “Pagani: the story of a dream”, published in June 2010, is the result of ten years of intensive research. An exciting big format monograph that narrates the story of the supercar Zonda and of its founder, Horacio Pagani.

The book retraces through the direct voice of Horacio Pagani and of his closest collaborators and friends, the events and anecdotes that gradually brought the dream of a lifetime to become a reality, that is to build an extreme supercar, luxurious, innovative and efficient.

A tale of the past, made of passion and obstinate rigor, from Argentina, once the home of a child dreamer, to Italy, now the place of a successful designer.

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  • 228 full color pages, hardcover
  • Format: 31×31 cm
  • Edition: Standard or Deluxe
  • Languages: italian, english (standard ed.)
  • Languages: italian, english (Deluxe ed.)


  • The childhood of Horacio told by Hugo Racca and the personal unpublished archive of the Pagani family
  • The most striking images created for all versions of the Zonda
  • All versions of the car with technical data and a complete index of all the chassis
  • Contributions by Gian Paolo Dallara, Gordon Murray, Valentino Balboni and Paul Frere
  • The Deluxe edition is a limited one personally signed by Horacio Pagani. It includes a certificate of authenticity and a 84×56 cm reproduction of Zonda F original design