• The Huayra R simulator is an advanced virtual driving system that faithfully replicates the real car with extraordinary precision.
  • The use of the simulator is part of the training program in preparation for Arte in Pista events.
  • It is a product that reflects Pagani’s commitment to providing quality experiences for customers and brand enthusiasts.
  • The project is born from the synergy between Pagani Automobili, Pagani Arte, and Racing Unleashed.
  • It is not just a virtual driving device; it is a true design object.
  • Cutting-edge engineering makes the experience incredibly realistic and engaging.



San Cesario sul Panaro, March 26th, 2024 – Pagani Automobili is pleased to present the new Huayra R simulator, an advanced virtual driving system developed in collaboration with Racing Unleashed, a high-end simulator manufacturer employed in training professional pilots. Initially exclusively available to Huayra R owners, the new product will soon be accessible to the public through the international Pagani dealer network.


«We aimed to create a professional, dynamic driving simulator with an extraordinary level of immersion and realism, intending to contribute to the constant refinement of our customers’ driving styles. Our ambition was to transform it into a genuine design object, a product with artistic value destined to occupy a prominent place within the homes of Huayra R owners. For this reason, we dedicated extreme attention to creating a product that reflects our cars’ extraordinary uniqueness.» (Franco Morsino, Vehicle Dynamics Lead at Pagani Automobili)


Thanks to the simulator, drivers will be able to become familiar with their vehicle in a safe environment, accumulate miles, build confidence in their skills, and discover the secrets of the many international circuits available in advance.


Arte in Pista, the thrilling program of circuit experiences

Arte in Pista is a program designed to allow Pagani Track Hypercars car owners to fully experience their vehicles’ performance potential through a rich calendar of exclusive non-competitive events held at the world’s most prestigious FIA tracks. The format offers a comprehensive experience that combines adrenaline-fueled sessions with moments of pure enjoyment, all with the technical support of the Pagani team. This support includes the technical manager, track engineer, mechanical staff, physiotherapist, specialized nutritionist, and professional coaches, all contributing to enhancing the customers’ sports driving skills.


Individual experience, community experience

The introduction of the simulator strengthens Pagani Automobili’s commitment to caring for its community, offering new opportunities for gathering, sharing, learning, and enjoyment. The possibilities for use are diverse: each driver can explore circuits and drive independently or book remote coaching sessions to train on specific aspects or tracks. Pagani will also host virtual events where people can challenge themselves and interact with each other, previewing the experiences of Arte in Pista events with real cars and tracks. Additionally, customers will have the freedom to organize challenges and sessions among themselves independently.


A project resulting from synergies internal and external to Pagani

The project originated in 2020, involving two divisions of Pagani: the Vehicle Dynamics Team at Pagani Automobili, responsible for creating realistic models, and the Pagani Arte team, which embraced the challenge of translating the essence of Pagani Hypercars into a design product. The two teams, working together, turned to Racing Unleashed to create a synergy of expertise aimed at developing an extraordinarily faithful and immersive virtual setup; the joint design of hardware and software allowed for exceptional realism in reproducing the car’s movements and asphalt characteristics.


«At Racing Unleashed we aim to provide the most engaging experiences to motorsport fans around the world. Today, we are delighted to announce this partnership with Pagani to showcase our advanced technology with the goal not only to entertain but to improve driving skills as well.» (Francisco Fernandez, CEO at Racing Unleashed)


The simulator as a design object.

The design team dedicated over a year of work to blend the pursuit of an interior design object with the gaming nature of the device. The shapes of the Huayra R inspired the entire simulator’s design, creating an object with both fluid and soft lines; the elliptical form, also a hallmark of the Pagani logo, addressed this need. The Huayra R simulator aims to deliver an authentically Pagani experience, starting with the materials used: the carbon fiber composing the chassis comes from the same autoclaves as the Atelier where Pagani Hypercars originate. The entire driving setup, including the steering wheel, pedals, seat, and belts, is exactly the same as that of the Huayra R, creating an object whose construction precision aligns more with the world of collector’s design than the gaming world. Some components in aluminum from the Hi-Fi system and VR system have been crafted with the same artisanal care as Pagani cars, following a machining-from-solid approach. To establish a more meaningful connection between the car and the simulator, the air vents typical of Hypercars, used for dissipating brake and engine heat, have been integrated into the simulator’s base to optimize software processing cooling and contribute to the smoothness of the experience.


Cutting-edge engineering for the ultimate engagement.

The engineering and design team meticulously attended to every detail to faithfully recreate the handling, dynamics, and aerodynamic effects of the real car, thanks to the three degrees of freedom providing the driver with pitch, roll, and yaw motion cues. All these features were tested and validated in back-to-back trials by professional drivers and development pilots, transitioning from the simulator to the actual Hypercar. Every Huayra R customer will receive a virtual setup that faithfully emulates the real car with meticulous accuracy: the carbon fiber structure’s paintwork, the advanced active safety belt system simulating longitudinal and lateral acceleration feedback, the ABS emulator helping modulate braking at the grip limit, and the seat are all faithfully replicated. The acoustic experience received particular attention: integrated kickers in the seat and the sophisticated 5.1 audio system enhance engagement with the distinctive sound of the Pagani V12-R and road-transmitted vibrations. All sounds can be heard with the included VR headphones, a result of numerous trackside and in-car recording sessions. The hardware setup includes an integrated high-performance gaming computer in the base, a curved screen, and a dedicated wooden Flight Case measuring 3 m × 1.2 m (9.84 ft × 3.94 ft). On the software side, the adoption of the Assetto Corsa Pro interface stands out, as the leading simulation platform in the industry, ensuring drivers an extremely realistic experience through the extensive use of cutting-edge technologies like laser-scanned circuits. The driving simulator measures 3,110 mm (122.44 inches) in length and 1,700 mm (66.93 inches) in width, certified to ICE 62368-1 standard for the European, North American, and Asian markets.





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