• On 24 and 25 September at Chantilly 2022, Pagani Officina will introduce three special programmes for our customers: Puro, Rinascimento, and Unico
  • Puro is the certification program that guarantees authenticity and enhances the value of Pagani cars over time
  • Rinascimento is dedicated to preserving cars, protecting and restoring them to their original glory, as if they had just
    left the atelier
  • Unico is for customers who know no boundaries when it comes to make their hypercars more personal, whether aesthetically or mechanically
  • For each of these programmes, an iconic vehicle will be on display: Zonda S, Zonda F Roadster, and Huayra Coupé




San Cesario sul Panaro, 22 September 2022 – After a two-year break due to the pandemic, on 24 and 25 September France will once again be welcoming visitors to the “Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille”, a concours d’élegance and a pop-up museum featuring the finest cars in the world, both modern and vintage.

Pagani Automobili has chosen this prestigious international event to unveil Pagani Officina to the public, a special division of the company which has been created to ensure that every car purchased can always be maintained in the best possible condition and can be refreshed and customised, even several years after purchase, to suit the customer’s preferences and wishes.

Pagani Officina features three special programs designed to suit any requirements: Puro, Rinascimento, and Unico.



Pagani Puro 

“Puro” is a word which is synonymous with integrity, authenticity, and perfection. A word which expresses the very essence of Pagani vehicles. This is why it was chosen as the name for the Certification of Authenticity and Warranty Extension programme, which preserves and protects the essence of the vehicle through the work of highly specialized and certified mechanics. The certification, which involves more than 400 checks, provides an in-depth analysis of the vehicle’s condition and the authenticity of its components; the warranty extension offers complete protection to safeguard the car’s value, with ongoing scheduled maintenance offering the customer the luxury of being able to continue to drive a vehicle in perfect condition.

This is available for every Pagani car, and can be carried out at the headquarter, in San Cesario Sul Panaro, and in at Official Dealer sites, where only Pagani-certified mechanics work: a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals working in close contact with the head of the Puro programme, sharing the result of analysis and data. On the completion of the work, the client will receive the “Puro Book” produced at the Pagani headquarters: like a diary documenting the vehicle’s history. It details the checks run on the car and contains the certificate of authenticity signed by Horacio Pagani. A prestigious leather-bound volume which will stay with the car over its lifetime, offering the authentication and increasing its value.

The embodiment of the Puro programme in Chantilly will be the Zonda Roadster F, the “clubsport” par excellence, the heir to the coupé version.


Pagani Rinascimento

Pagani Rinascimento is a restoration programme designed to restore every Pagani vehicle to their original glory. Thanks to the dedicated handiwork of the specialist artisans who work in this section of the Pagani atelier, which is exclusively dedicated to the programme, every detail is treated with the utmost precision, using original drawings and materials. A thorough service, involving mechanical parts, body, interiors, and all worn parts, restoring the vehicle’s appearance and function to mint condition. Not a single nut or bolt is overlooked in this restoration work: every component, however small, is dealt with to restore that perfect combination of art and technology, and to reawaken all the excitement and the unique experience of beauty, like a tailor-made outfit.

Representing the values of Pagani Rinascimento, better than any words could, in Chantilly will be the Zonda S, with its aggressive, powerful lines combined with an unexpected level of interior comfort.



Pagani Unico

Pagani Automobili is famous in the automotive sector for offering one of the most immersive customisation experiences for its customers, providing countless possibilities to personalize a vehicle.

With the Unico programme, created a few years ago, Pagani wanted to offer the same experience to customers who buy a used Huayra or Zonda. With this programme, an existing chassis can be completely customized, to create something unique and very personal for the new owner.

This programme has proven to be a valuable investment, since the value of updated cars increases significantly, reaching similar prices to those for unique models.

As with the Rinascimento programme, a dedicated team will analyze and inspect every single component, updating it according to the new configuration defined by the client and the Pagani Design team. Whereas the Rinascimento programme is aimed at ensuring the vehicle remains as faithful as possible to the original specifications, the Unico programme allows customers to improve and personalize their car’s design and technical characteristics.

The rebuilding process is conducted in accordance with the rigorous Pagani Automobili quality standards, ensuring that the update is fully reversible, allowing the car to be restored to the original specifications.


Demonstrating this programme, a Huayra Coupé 760 VR will be on display in Chantilly.


“Our cars are like tailor-made outfits, made to suit the wishes of our customers” explained Horacio Pagani, “this is why we do not just build hypercars, we also devote our expertise and staff to looking after them and increasing their value over time. These were our goals when we created Pagani Officina, offering our customers the thrill of a car which is always in just the same condition as it was the day it left the atelier, or giving them the freedom to adapt their car over time, so that it always suits them. Just like a suit or a dress”.  



Pagani Automobili

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