“Pagani Puro”, the program created to certify the authenticity and enhance the value of our exclusive cars over time


  • Puro stands for integrity, authenticity, perfection
  • A detailed analysis using the “history” of each car stored in the company’s records 
  • More than 400 checks conducted by high-level professionals certified by Pagani Automobili
  • A network of authorised centres providing this program to all Pagani customers around the world



San Cesario Sul Panaro – 20 December 2021. When someone buys a Pagani vehicle, they know they are purchasing not only an exclusive hypercar, but a valuable object to be cared for and cherished over time. With this in mind, Pagani has developed a special customer service to certify the authenticity and perfection of its cars and their individual components and so enhance their value year after year. 


This is the aim of the “Pagani Puro” program, whose name stands for integrity, authenticity, perfection. A word that expresses the essence of Pagani cars, an inimitable combination of Art and Science, form and function, attention to detail and craftsmanship, using latest-generation materials and processes. 


To ensure that these emotions remain unchanged over the years, the originality of every car built by Pagani needs to be protected. The Pagani Puro program was created to certify the authenticity of each component of the vehicle and its general condition with a meticulous and rigorous analysis using the company database, which stores the data of every single car built in Modena: a complete history of its individual components, serial numbers, photographs, and even the names of the mechanics involved in its construction.  



The service is available for every Pagani car, regardless of the model and year of registration. Every vehicle undergoes more than 400 checks that make Pagani Puro a comprehensive and exhaustive program to the point that a full warranty extension is offered on the certified vehicles covering every individual component in the years to come. An all-round protection service that preserves the car’s essence and originality, giving its owner the genuine pleasure of driving a vehicle in pristine conditions from a performing and aesthetic point of view. 


In terms of accessibility too, Pagani Puro is a unique program. The service is available at the company’s Italian headquarters in San Cesario, but also at specialised dealer centres where only Pagani-certified mechanics operate. A team of highly experienced professionals who work closely with the Pagani Puro program manager to share operations and data. On completion of the work, the client receives a “Puro Book” produced at the Pagani headquarters: a precise diary that documents the vehicle’s history, details the checks run on the car and conserves the authenticity certificate signed by Horacio Pagani. A prestigious leather-bound volume which will accompany the car over its lifetime, to authenticate and, eventually, increase its value. 


Together with the company’s restoration and upgrade programs, Pagani Puro joins the offer of the Aftersales services available for all pre-owned Pagani cars.